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Mid Atlantic Military Museum
Opening Spring 2011
Donation Guidelines

   The Mid Atlantic Military Museum accepts donations that will expand and broaden the scope of our collection in order to make a significant part of our military history available to educate current and future generations while preserving the memories and dedication of the Men and Women of the Armed Services.

   Our staff is dedicated to restoring and maintaining military artifacts. Each item donated will be properly cataloged and photographed to maintain the legacy of the donor. We realize that
relinquishing family items is a difficult decision but please keep in mind that the artifact you donate will be on display maintaining the legacy of the individual and family. We are deeply grateful to those individuals who contribute to the improvement of the museum’s exhibitions.

   The acceptance of a Donation will be the responsibility of the museum’s Collection and Exhibit’s Committee. The Criteria for acceptance includes:
1.The relevance of the item in regards to the   museum's mission points.

2.The condition of the artifact.

3.The uniqueness and importance of the artifact as it relates to the other exhibits. 

The museum does not take into consideration the monetary value of the artifact in making its decision. We do not provide appraisals of historical military artifacts.